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Whether you are a designer working with a customer or a homeowner doing it yourself, if you want custom draperies in the Chicagoland, the best way to get started is set an appointment with Finishing Touches Chicago Window Fashion Gurus, we bring the showroom to your footsteps. We have thousands of fabrics, trims, hardware to choice. No other window treatment can express personal style like custom draperies or curtains. From the fabric you select to the drapery style, added trims, and hardware, these window coverings go with any décor.

Custom draperies are perfect for any room in your home because they are so versatile. Achieve a formal look with pleated draperies in an elegant fabric with beautiful tiebacks; use sheers to lightly frame a beautiful outside view; or add a touch of whimsy to a child’s room with a bright, durable fabric with a fun trim.
Custom curtains are also very functional. They can be easily opened to allow natural light in or closed to provide privacy and light control and protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays. If privacy and light aren’t an issue, choose a translucent fabric to merely filter the sunlight and minimize the heat coming through your windows. If you require a darker room for a daytime sleeper or theater room, draperies can be made with heavier material and even lined to block more light. While they are very capable of standing on their own, draperies and curtains work well with other window treatments, including blinds, shades, or sheers, also available at Finishing Touches Chicago. Layering window treatments creates a luxurious feel and increases your privacy and light control options. Valances and cornices complete your custom look by finishing off the tops of your windows with style.

Two other finishing touches are trims and hardware. Trims include tassels, tapes, and buttons to add a little more personality to your window treatments. Hardware doesn’t have to be just utilitarian. Decorative rods with unique finials can accent your style. With custom window treatments, there is no need to settle for an off-the-shelf product that sort of goes with your favorite upholstered piece of furniture or beautiful duvet. Instead, you can pick the color, pattern, and curtain style that complements the existing décor in your home. Custom draperies and curtains are made specifically for your home. Your windows are measured by our window treatment experts before any fabric is cut to ensure the finished product fits exactly. When complete, professional installers hang your new draperies securely, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. Don’t let indecision stand in the way of having beautiful custom draperies in your home. Call for your free home consultation with are friendly window experts.

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